Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Up the Ante

So to celebrate the last 30 days of our weight loss challenge and to kick it into high gear we've made a decision: No ice cream and no eating out (Chase gets exceptions for work lunches that he can't get out of - he's still new, you know) for the month of July. Well, for the first 30 days of July. We'll be traveling July 31 on our way to our kick-a vacation and will thus be eating out.

We figure this will help us save some money as well, since I tend to cook less (and eat out more) during the summer. And ice cream...well, duh. We get thank you cards from Ben and Jerry on a regular basis. They're kids are going to enjoy college because of us.

So, go to your local restaurant and enjoy some ice cream for me this month.


Christy said...

You can totally do it. Ice cream is over rated anyway! fat free yogurt smoothies with berries (iced) are much better!

Jeni said...


Chandy said...

Sounds realistic enough. ;-) I am having ice cream withdrawal so I'm suffering for you now. Good luck with the challenge!