Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, March 29, 2010

I almost started to write a whiner post.

But then I didn't. Because, you see, I'm reformed. Remember?

Besides, a fourth-round of pink eye is not that big of a deal to a two year-old. Two year-olds are NOTORIOUS for loving eye drops. LOVING. THEM. Yesterday, as I was applying them, I heard Sophie murmur something along the lines of "this reminds me of a spa treatment." Lucky girl, that Sophie!

And a three-week course of antibiotics for the same two year-old who STILL has double ear infections and sinusitis is still not that bad. Throbbing ear drums are, in fact, considered very attractive in some cultures.

And your four year-old having an asthma attack? Seriously! Who would complain about that? Oral steroids just make him bigger and stronger and crazier!

So, you know, we're just living the high-life over here. Life is just it's normal shade of RADICAL and I know you wish you were here to enjoy it with us.

See how awesome I am at not complaining? I'm like the KING of not complaining. Woot!



Okay, but seriously. Life's good. I got to eat sushi over the weekend and that usually ups the general level of kick-a-ness here at Chez Chi-town. And General Conference is coming up this weekend. And I heart Conference. Only partly because that means I'm making gooey, delicious Sister Mecham's Seminary Caramel Rolls. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Because I'm totally going to the gym this week.

As soon as everyone starts breathing normally.









So I'm totally going to the gym next week.


Sara K. said...

Say it ain't so! Man that bites. Maybe once Chase finishes that radiant barrier it will also too act as a shield against any and all germ warfare. For reals, you need a Purell bomb dropped on your house or something. I heart Conference, but I think I heart Easter candy just a smidge more.

Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

What in the crappymcstinker is going on there? Are you licking each other's shoes or something?

I'll do an extra minute for you on the StairMaster. No, really. I can totally handle two minutes.

Steroids are fabulous. I have to keep slathering them on Chase's bum, which means before long his will look like mine. And you thought he had my eyes...

Feel better, dangit.