Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All night long

That's the Lionel Richie song that's in my head at the moment.

Because I was up, you know, ALL NIGHT LONG.

Miles just didn't feel good, and as I was scrubbing puke out of the carpet at 3:30 am I was providing solace for myself, thinking that since he'd been up all night and sick, he would most assuredly be somewhat lethargic today. And I would have appreciated that. My sinuses have been attacking me for three weeks straight and I'm approximately the size of Shamu.


See that open mouth? That's how I've been sleeping lately.

Anyway, Miles - being Miles - has done little to relieve me today.P1040653

Instead he's been bright, bouncy and full of life! Oh hooray! And yes, I know that technically this should make me happy. "My little boy isn't suffering and in pain!" And hey, that's nice. But guess who IS suffering and in pain?


Right. Me.

Annnnnnnnd, he has an equally spunky, busy little accomplice.

P1040654 Don't you wish YOU looked like this with pink eye, double ear infections and a sinus infection?

Question for the universe: Where do children get their energy? Heaven knows it's not from eating. There's very little eating going on here. And I can't even imagine it's photosynthesis, since the sun hasn't been showing it's face around here lately (except when I'm so sick that leaving the house isn't optional - like today).

SO? Where?! How? And most importantly, WHY?!


Shari said...

But you made me laugh so that's something, right?

Thanks for your help yesterday :)

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

Kids suck their energy from us. Through contact. That's all it takes. One second you think "maybe I can handle this day" then a seemingly innocent hug later: no energy left. At least that's my theory. Madi has too much energy, too and she never eats!

The Gillespie's said...

Anna, I just want you to know that you are hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Kids have energy because they don't have so many things to worry about! Hope you get feelingg better soon. And, you totally don't look like Shamu:) You look great!

Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Sarah nailed it... From you. Just like they suck the brains right out of your head. Oddly and unfairly reversed, is the fat they deposit right into your rear. Not "your" rear, per se, but the collective rear. Specifically mine.

Alyssa said...

Oh gosh, Anna. It wasn't you that killed that Whale Trainer at Seaworld, was it?

The Gillespie's said...

Thanks for the comment on my shirt-it's another great find for $10 at Ross..gotta love that store!

Ben & Diane said...

The bigger question for me is, at what age do we all of a sudden lose our energy. Because, I can't ever remember having energy. Thanks for the comical post. The sleeping with your mouth wide open visual was great!