Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Next we have Halloween! The boys used their outfits from last year. Since we didn't have to put snow suits underneath them, they fit perfectly again! They went as Nemo and Squirt, the turtle. Miles would NOT put up his hood but other than that it was fine.

The Saturday before we had Trunk or Treat and it was so FUN! We've never been in a ward that did this, though I've heard of them before. Anyway, it was fun to just sit and hand out candy in the parking lot. I made Chase do the walking-car-to-car thing with the boys.

The Monday before Halloween we made a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Jeni, Brian and cousin Natalie. It's so fun there and the kids had a blast. They have live animals, hayrides and those big blow-up slides and bounce houses, not to mention pumpkins galore. What a good time! Afterward we went back to our house for a meal in a pumpkin (SUPER yum!) and Family Home Evening with Brian and Jeni (this mainly consisted of me and Jeni eating all of Cam's candy from Trunk or Treat and Chase and Brian looking through old boxes of stuff from their growing-up years. Fun night.

Halloween night was AWESOME! The boys were so excited all day it was crazy! We had dinner at Nana's house before taking off for Trick-or-treating with Jeni, Brian, Natalie and Kathleen and Eric (side note: Eric was Wolverine and Cameron now has a new hero in his life. He frequently reminds us that "Uncle Eric is Wolverine"). As we were getting ready to leave Cam had a bit of an identity crisis and ended up wearing his Nemo costume OVER his Spiderman outift. I think this is in part because he truly believe he is Spiderman. Sigh... Miles made it to a few houses before losing it completely and needing to be taken home. Chase stayed out with Cam who had a rather scary incident. There was a house that had one of those light things that casts a picture up onto the house. In this case it was a large skull that would strobe. Cam thought it was pretty creepy, but went up to the house anyway. Well, the woman who lived there opened the door in some crazy skeleton get-up and yelled BOO! Cam lost it and took off running, totally scared for his life. Thankfully that house was near the end of the route so Chase just brought him right back. Poor kid!

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