Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, August 08, 2011

Dear Children of the Future

This weekend I set my children about the task of cleaning baseboards. I got the idea from Shawni over at 71 Toes. Her children are forever cleaning baseboards and her house always looks so sparkly! I thought maybe this was the Magic Bullet I was missing.

So on both Miles' and Cameron's Saturday chore list I included "Clean baseboards in ______." Cameron was a little bit baffled, but I handed him a magic eraser and showed him how it was done. Then I left him to it while I went off to deal with laundry.

About 30 seconds later he pronounced himself done.

Moral of the story?

Dear Rawlins Children of the Future,

In 2011 you sucked at cleaning baseboards. Yes, mommy just said "sucked." I believe we were commanded to keep an accurate record.

Please tell me you are now better at cleaning baseboards.


Your Mother


Sara K. said...

Well, nice try mom of the present. I heart 71 Toes, also too. And while she does set those darling children to task with the baseboards, she also has some cleaning lady help, which undoubtably lends to the sparkliness of her home (at least that what I tell myself when I look around my less than sparkley home). I'm thinking Bear Lake Reunion 2014/15. What say you?

Chi-townRawlins said...

This is true that she has cleaning lady help. And I agree with the overall sparkle factor that must add (and she agrees, also too). I've been inspired by how she gets her kids working, though. Regular chores have been tough to institute, but since doing it this summer I can't believe I've spent so long unloading the dishwasher when my kids could/should have been doing it!
But for now we're going to be having some baseboard cleaning training seminars.

Diane said...

I want sparkle! My kids have all moved out. Can I borrow your kids?

Alyssa said...

At first I thought your title was about children FROM the future. And I was expecting a post about Miles flying around with a jet pack and go go gadget arms. Still a good post, though:)

A Mormon Mommy said...

That is hilarious!! I love that you had your kids cleaning baseboards! Next time try having them use the hose part of the vacuum! My 5 year old like to clean the baseboards with that and will choose to do it on his own!! It's fun in his mind!!