Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tigers Are People Too

Stayed up until 3AM this morning reading "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Shock and awe, baby. Shock and awe.

I don't know where I'm going to land on this one. I mean, on the one hand it's really hard to relate to someone who gets results through horrific means such as calling her small child garbage, and threatening to burn her stuffed animals if she doesn't finish her piano practice. On the other hand, this woman is clearly getting results. Her children are polite, obedient and virtuoso musicians at a very young age. And she claims to have a very loving, healthy relationship with them.

Personally, I'm intrigued.

Has anyone else read this one? What are your thoughts on it?


Sara K. said...

Heard of it, haven't read it yet. Also too intrigued.

It'd be interesting to read the tiger cubs perspective, particularly when they have children of their own. Will they embrace the same style or be like, my mom was whiggety whack and not in a good way.

Alyssa said...

Holy crap balls.

And Sara??? I totally used the phrase wiggety whack today, too! What are the odds? I don't remember what it was in reference to, but still...I used it!

Diane said...

I believe in discipline. I do. And in loving guidance. You can't deny this woman's success - outwardly. But what are her children feeling inside? Are we going to see our next
axe-murderers in twenty years? Oh, I probably shouldn't have said that . . . umm . . . hatchet-murderers.

Hohmann Family said...

Sounds a suspiciously extreme to me. I try really hard to do the whole "reproach betimes with sharpness" but to follow after with love - and lots of it. I can't imagine threatening to burn stuffed animals as an act of reproach OR love. More like wicked-craziness...

Kelly said...

yikers! sounds like a must read!