Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My $10,000 Dyson

So, Chase got me a Dyson. Finally! And she is a BEAUT, let me tell you. It's cleaning capacity is off the hook. Crumbs? Got it. Wood chips dragged in by the kids? Got it. Dimes, nickles, pennies, Pokemon coins, Legos, hair ties, bits of toilet paper? Got. It.

But she truly shines in the kitchen where she's put to the test daily. She's easy to maneuver under the table and around the chairs, and she's a master in the corners.

She's changed my life for sure and for certain. I mean, sure she took about a year to get up to full cleaning strength, but I hear that's normal for my particular model (see below). 









Abby said...


Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

You will be most pleased, long term as well. We had to have our carpets cleaned to de-dog the house recently, and the carpet dude went out of his way to tell me how immaculate my 11-year-old carpets were. Snort. (Forty-eight spots of sticky-tack notwithstanding.) But he showed me what he was able to get out with his professional vacuum and it was not so much. Just a bit of stuff under Mason's bunk. So my Dyson was able to suck an embarassingly long period of time's worth of grossness out right before this fine man came by. Money will spent. Good job, Chase. You da man.

chase said...

Deb, we do not have a Dyson. Perhaps Anna's post was too subtle. Dyson = HaleyGator.

Anna@Exasperation said...

Yes, I think maybe I was too subtle. Chase gave me a Haley. And she's as good as a Dyson.
But just so chase knows, I still want a Dyson. Hint: Deb got one for her 10th anniversary (and a diamond, too). Just sayin'.

critts said...

Haha...my first thought as I was reading was "be careful of getting that thing near cords--it will snap them in half", then I thought "she vacuums daily?!", and then I realized you were talking about darling Haley. Love it!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE my Dyson and I will start praying that you get one too, but I think it still will not be able to top that cute, chubby, sweet little blue-eyed girl.

Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

That's what happens when you read things in Reader -- sometimes parts get lost in translation. Also too when you're smoking crack.