Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, August 06, 2011


I've been promising pictures in the last couple of posts. And I'm nothing if not a woman of my word. Here are some shots from the summer so far.

P1060049 P1060050

I told you Cameron is really into Pokemon cards. He has become obsessed with making money to buy more. While I wish he would be less money-crazy and stuff-crazy, I do admire the big guy's determination. We woke up one Saturday morning to these signs. Cameron was convinced that the only way to make money (aside from cleaning the garage, which was OUR suggestion), was to sell our property.


P1060054 Does anyone else experience this phenomenon? You tell the kids to go get their shoes on and come back to find that every shoe we've ever owned is lying in the middle of the floor. And the kids are usually still barefoot.


Sunday afternoons on the couch are dreamy.


 P1060071 P1060070 P1060069 P1060084 

The kids painted some patriotic rocks to put around our flag holder outside. Thought they turned out cute. And Miles ate the paint. Which means it was a normal day, by our standards.

P1060182 Cam and Miles came up with this game where they put Haley on a blanket and drag her all over the house. I think she liked it at first, but then she had a traumatic roll-off and that was the end of that.

P1060187 This is Danielle. She and her brother Brandon (I can't find a pic of him at the moment - and you should know that I refer to them collectively as "Branielle") are Chase's cousins and they come a couple days a week. They manage to save me from insanity. They work for slave wages and seem happy about it. Plus, as a bonus, my kids love them! They read, do crafts and play silly games. But they're not afraid to be tough.

P1060219 The boys competed in their first karate tournament. You may remember that I had to purchase protective gear for this. And you may remember that I was emotionally scarred. I'm still recovering. But it was worth it, because those boys are adorable.

P1060217 " P1060239

P1060221 P1060238 P1060223


And just to show you how much I love you...

We call this one Miles Doing The Transformer:


Christy said...

Oh yes, the infamous tournament they were sure they would miss during my visit! Glad to see they made it and ROCKED IT....you did us proud boys!

Sara K. said...

Sweet karate moves boys! I'm totally impressed.

Jeni said...

Miles is the coolest kid I have ever met in my life.

Hohmann Family said...

SWEET dance moves! I wish my kids were that coordinated. Maybe they will be when they reach that age. I'll cut 'em some slack. I love the karate videos. What a great outlet!

Pooh said...

Cannon and Miles need to put on a dance show at Christmas. Cannon can really rock a dance floor. Back in Georgia, our favorite local Mexican dive had karaoke on the weekends. We went one last time before we moved, and a bunch of kids were dancing. Hudson went over and watched longingly. Cannon, however, got out there and took over the floor. It was awesome. Seriously, Christmas - Karaoke - Miles/Cannon!!!!!