Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Revving up

I need to get into the corners of this house and CLEAN IT. I hate when life gets so busy that I ended up straightening all the time, and the big jobs get pushed off until a later time, a time that never appears. I have to force myself to take time out and get everything done.

Last week, while my parents were visiting, we all took turns getting the stomach flu. It was horrible on every level. The only blessing is that Haley somehow managed to escape it, which is the number one thing I prayed for. I was on the tail end, too, which meant I was healthy while everyone else was sick and I could take care of them (which was the number two thing I prayed for, if you're wondering). But it was late nights followed by full days. My parents - because of trenchy - were staying at a hotel, but even THEY managed to get sick. What a bummer of a trip. We had even planned to all go to my brother's house and see three (well, two, after Sam's collar-bone-crushing accident pulled him out) of my brothers compete in a Redman triathlon, and my sister-in-law compete in one the following day. Mom and Dad still went, but we stayed home for the sake of the athletes' health. We were so sad all weekend.

Anyway, even though it's Wednesday I feel like it's a Monday! Cam was the last sickie and he's back to school today. Mom and Dad went home yesterday, too. SO, it feels like a new week and I'm armed with a list and lots of ambition. I just wish we could skip dance class, car pool and cubs so that I could dedicate the entire day to getting it all done! You know what they say, when a mommy's in the zone, leave her alone. But alas, such is my life.

What's on your schedule for today?


Just for fun, this is some of Cam's homework from a couple weeks ago. I like how his brain works. I made him re-do it to actually SHOW his work, but had to take a picture, naturally.

And...just some random pictures of my kids. Except for Miles? I can't find him in a single recent pic! So weird. I'll have to take a whole slew of him when he gets home tonight.

P1060297 P1060310 P1060350


Pooh said...

I showed H Cam's homework. He said he's done that page already, but he liked Cam's approach. :)

Sorry yous guys were so sick. That bites. Especially with stuff planned that had to be cancelled.

At first I wanted Trenchy to stay for a while so that we could decorate your house for Halloween. Now I want Trenchy to hurry up and go away so we can have fun decorating the REST of your house. :)

Love you!

Ben & Diane said...

Cam's homework cracked me up. I have had some of the same homework moments with Mia. Sometimes I want to let her leave her answers but, I don't. Since I have been using google reader I don't comment as much but I have really been loving all your posts lately.

Diane said...

That homework was priceless! My husband taught University courses for years and he recorded some of the crazy things that turned up on papers from time to time.They are hilarious! Good luck with the cleaning! (I hate to be interrupted when I'm in the 'zone'. I can sympathize!)

Hohmann Family said...

Way to go Cam!! Go get 'em tiger!