Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday we didn't have too much planned. Sam, Jerry and Ryan decided to go downhill mountain biking. Basically what happened was they took their bikes to the ski lifts and took the lifts to the top of the mountain where they turned around and bombed down the hill on teeny-tiny little paths that almost guaranteed death to the untrained. Jerry left half of his skin on the mountain and Sam busted his bike. Ryan, amazingly, escaped unscathed.

While they were abusing their bodies on THAT part of the mountain, Alyssa, Mike, Bird and Taylor hit the Alpine Slide. Basically it's a luge course down the mountain. They put you on a little cart, show you the accelerator and brake and off you go. Sounds fun, right? Hmmm...not so much. Let's just say that Alyssa had a hard time distinguishing the brake and the accelerator and ended up flying off the slide, again, leaving half of her skin on the mountain. Sweet.

After the used and abused returned the ladies headed out for some shopping. Great restraint was shown by all in the shoe store, much to the delight of the husbands.

The day ended with a yummy breakfast-for-dinner dinner followed by the Iron Chef Chocolate challenge. The teams were supposed to be by condo and mom and dad and grandma's were supposed to be the judges. We ended up with only two dishes, though, because Sara's chocolate fantastic-ness got a little "alititude-y" and wouldn't bake properly. The world just isn't right when you're forced to miss out on any of Sara's cooking. But, we did end up enjoying the two dishes served, a chocolate trifle and some mint chocolate ball things. And if that wasn't enough food for ya, we ordered sushi as an after-dinner snack (about an hour later...).

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