Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sunday, arrival day! We woke up EARLY thanks to our decision to camp. Actually Chase and I were awake before either of the boys. I was trying to think positively about going to church after having spent the night aching on the ground. I also couldn't really imagine myself getting fully dressed and ready for sacrament in the un-airconditioned KOA bathroom. So, with much guilt, I decided we were going to skip it and just pack up the car ASAP and head straight to CO! So glad I did. I was barely awake for the first few hours in the car...

Around 1:00 we hit Denver and knew we weren't far from our destination. However, the 30 miles over the mountain took us FOREVER! I didn't realize that Winter Park was on the other side of some huge mountain. So we had to go up it and then back down it on these super winding, steep roads.

When we got there I also found out that two things: First, we had NO cell phone reception! As the events planner I thought it was unacceptable that I couldn't actually be contacted by anyone. I was so frantic because, second, I realized that the condo's were not as easy to find as I had originally thought. Oops. Luckily I'm blessed with a relatively smart family who found their way there despite my cell phone absence.

As for the condos...well, let's just say I was really worried when we pulled up outside of them. Not pretty. But, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief after actually going through the front door. They were beautiful! And my condo - that we shared with my sister, Chrysta and her husband and two kids - was on the first floor overlooking a babbling brook. It was breath-taking! Just walk out onto the deck and take three steps down and you're right there. Fantastic! And the weather was amazing! At 9100 feet the air stays pretty comfortable even in August. I don't think it even hit 80 the whole time we were there. After WaKeeney, KS I was in heaven.

The best part was as people were all arriving. It was so fun to get their first but we had to endure all of the anticipation as we waited for people to join us! Luckily Sara and Jerry got there right away so we had some immediate company. It was just so much fun! I'm gushing, I know...I just seriously love my family!

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