Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, September 12, 2008

1. Apparently the trend du jour in my family is to write numbered blogs. And since I can't let anything die I have to jump on it.
2. If I ever figure out how to put people's blog links on my blog you would be able to blog-stalk my family and see why I am currently blogging in numbers. But I can't figure it out. Because I'm a moron sometimes.
3. The other day I was reminiscing about how far my cooking skillz have come. Sara, do you remember the first summer I was your au pair and I asked you how to make Minute Rice? You just looked at me.
14. If Bono can count like this, so can I.
15. I've taken to typing gansta-type. I like it. I think it's classy.
16. Today is Cameron's birthday. Big #5. There will be another post dedicated to my favorite 5 year-old.
17. Chase just walked in. It's only 4:30. Angels are singing.
18. Miles has spent most of the week naked. And he's averaging about 6 showers a day.
19. Tomorrow we're supposed to do a 5K with Chase's firm. We do this every year for American Heart Association. We get Grant Thornton team shirts but Sophie's won't fit her which is why I'll be crafting an "I *heart* Hearts" t-shirt for her tonight. I'm hoping to get her into the company newsletter.
20. The reason I'm MOST excited about the 5K tomorrow? The breakfast bar beforehand. Last year they had Corner Bakery cater it. Scrum-dilly-umptious. Though, I'm pretty sure the 'Death by chocolate" muffins are anything but heart healthy.
21. I've also been blog-stalking Nicole since Bird mentioned it. I'm obviously not as cool as Sara.
22. If Deb and Nicole throw us under a bus and run off I would cry. But mostly because I was just hit by a bus.
23. I'm almost positive I'm voting for Obama, but only because I whole-heartedly support his assertion that Sarah Palin is a pig who wears lipstick.
24. I think I'm going to go ahead and do 28 of these. one for every year of life.
25. The shirt I'm currently wearing smells a little bit. I think I left it in the washer too long before it went in the dryer. I hate that!
26. In the next month I need to buy about 6 pairs of shoes. Both boys need new sneakers and church shoes. I need new black pumps and Sophie needs new pink converse All Stars. I officially feel like I have a big family.
27. I think Alyssa makes an adorable pregnant woman even if her blog has had several pictures of animals on it lately. One of whom she talks to and has named "Arnold."
28. I'm pretty sure I passed another UMC milestone yesterday. It has to do with potty training, poop and the public restroom. I'll spare you the details but let's just say that maybe I should be president now?
Peace out ma lovelies. Fo shizzle!


Pooh said...

#24: You clearly cheated, you Bono-counter you.

Sara said...

Is it bad to point out that you didn't actually list 28 items? :)

From all the blog stalking I've been doing, I have a little list of my own.
1. Happy Birthday Cam!
2. I LOVE Chrysta's blog post about the election.
3. I also think Alyssa is an adorable pregnant woman.
4. Deb ROCKS and I hope to actually meet her in person someday.
5. I'm going to the New Kids on the Block concert and I'm not ashamed...I felt the need to confess that to you. I'm also going to Tina Turner, so that makes up for NKOTB.
6. I think all of the Kilgore grandchilren are ADORABLE.
7. I can't understand why the news stations have people reporting from Galveston in the middle of the hurricane. SO dumb and completely reckless.
8. Go Miles! You can do it!
9. Even though I love living in D.C. I sometimes miss the nook in South Oakland. And Pamelas.
10. Yes, I realize I'm not making much sense, but it's been a long week and I'm tired.

Thanks for letting me blog stalk!

Nicole said...

1. Wait -- you don't all actually know Deb?

2. I thought I had you all figured out.

3. Clearly I am missing something.

14. The counting like Bono was pure genius!

778. Yay for cheating!

779. Remember Deb's classic "Pseudosleeping" post? Hold onto your hats, because I have a cold!

780. Nicole backwards is Elocin, which isn't a word, but my dad actually used to call me that.

781. Boone is about to go AWOL from the Army Dental Corps to be one of those Weather Channel/CNN idiots who stand in the middle of the hurricane.

782. I'm pretty sure if he goes, Karl will come with him.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Pittsburgh Sara (the one who wants to meet Deb) is my BFF from college.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Sara, I ALWAYS miss the nook, South Oakland and Pamelas. Especially on Saturday mornings. Sigh...