Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is it bad that I'm currently using the shower as a means of giving myself a few minutes of "me" time? I'm not IN the shower. The kids are. It's 3 PM and we just picked up Cameron from pre-school. It's day 2 of potty-training Miles and while it's going pretty well overall I had forgotten just how messy and EXHAUSTING it is! It's even WORSE when you have a baby crawling around! You have to be ON every minute the kid is awake. If you lose your focus for even a minute all the sudden the kid who "didn't need to pee" five minutes ago has developed an overly full bladder and is relieving it in every corner of the house...while laughing. Who says a 2 year-old doesn't understand the meaning of "spite?"
So in an effort to just sit down and relax for five minutes I put the boys in the shower and here I sit checking my email and writing a blog.
Only 4.5 more hours until we start the bedtime wind-down.
Okay, but seriously, I have to add that Miles is doing REALLY well. He's kept the REALLY messy stuff in the potty and had only minor accidents on the carpet. For that I thank him.


Christy said...

You have inspired me to start my own little vent blog. It's been one of those days for me too!

Hang in there...you're a rockstar! And Congrats to Miles for all the progress. Wooo hoo!

Pooh said...

You know, even though I haven't really spent much time with Miles in person, I've read enough (and had Grandma K tell me enough) about him to believe wholeheartedly that he knows EXACTLY what spite is, even if he can't recite the definition. AND I believe that he has little devil horns hidden somewhere under his hair. :)

But overall, Miles, way to go! Just stay away from the dump trucks during "nap time."

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

ahhhh I chickened out and am starting next week instead. I just got scared.
Good for miles though, go miles go!

Sara Kilgore said...

Breaking news (minus the AP news wire dohickies)

Owen pooped on the potty this morning! And kept his big boy panties (he's got 3 older sisters so they are panties!) dry all morning. Hooray!

However, once the diaper was on for running errands it was full in a matter of seconds AND he managed to fill it up with major stink at the girls' school where I was trying to be productive and do my PTA duties AND I had no diapers, so he was commando and I decided to not wait around to see how long he could hold it.

But a huge success nonetheless.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I laughed so hard! I'm potty training Bekah right now and I feel the same way! Too bad that she hasn't yet learned how to really hold it in. But we're making progress.