Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big week for the kiddos!

This week has been eventful for each of the kids. I need to blog it before I forget it!

Sophie is making big strides lately. First with the crawling, now with standing. She can pull herself up to stand on things. She loves to do it! She's working on getting down gracefully; she's only fallen over once. She also wants to hold our hands so we can help her walk around. She gets upset if we just sit her on the floor and try to do something else. She will whine until we grab her hands and hoist her onto her feet so she can get in some laps around the house. Miles thinks this is great and loves to run up and say, "BOO!" She laughs like crazy. And I have to admit I'm pretty excited for her to walk because I've been waiting not-so-patiently to buy these puppies for her!

image SO CUTE!

P1020753  P1020752

Sophie has also learned to clap. Well, she could do it before but now it's a pastime not a skill. She'll be crawling around thinking about something and then all the sudden you can see she just remembered that she could clap. She stops whatever she's doing and sits there and claps with a big grin. I caught it on video!

Lastly for Sophia, she has a big mouth-full of teeth coming in. She cut her first tooth yesterday (bottom left-middle as you're looking at her)! And today she got it's companion. You can barely see them but you can feel them on her gums. If you look in her mouth her top gums are all swollen and you can see the teeth about to come through. So far she's done well with it - no excessive crankiness. I don't expect that to last.

Miles. The kid is doing really great with potty training! Today he was taking himself to the potty whenever he needed to go. Still a few accidents but all pretty minor. I'm still too nervous to leave the house with him but I can see the light at the end of the PT tunnel. Today we were in the kitchen and the gate was locked and he stopped what he was doing and told me he needed to go potty. So I'm hopeful.

(Sorry. No pic of Miles. Potty training isn't so pretty!)

Cameron started pre-school on Tuesday and he's so excited to be back. Being delayed a week was rough on him because he's been ramping up for a couple weeks. He was really happy when I dropped him off. In a couple of weeks we'll start Open Gym and Tumbling classes and that will be even better!

P1020747 First day of school!


Chris, Sarah, Maddie, and Jax said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun week. I'm about ready to start Potty training with Madison. Pretty much when I feel like I can actually deal with cleaning up accidents all day. Yuck. I keep trying to pump myself up for it, but so far no success. We'll get to it. I'm glad that Miles is doing so well, though.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

Sophia is the cutest little girl on camera!!! She'll be a talker when she gets older! You'll be buying a cell phone for that one when she's 8! Watch out world!

Sara Kilgore said...

i LOVE the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a pair just like em, except they're navy blue and a size eight woman's.

Sophie is soooooo cute!!! can't wait to meet her in person!


Sara said...

When/if I have kids, will you potty train them for me? :)

Shari said...

Love the pictures. I think you, Stephanie,and I should just rent out Miss Jill for 5 hours a day. We all go consecutively throughout the day anyways.