Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Subheads for my Subheads. I defy you to beat that, Deb.


Why Subheads are so hot right now

Subheads are so hot right now because of Deb. She's the master of cool. Or maybe I'm cooler because I have subheads for my subheads. You be the judge.

Deb, huh? What does Deb backwards spell?



Wearing spandex is cool

But only cool if you're a high school/college athlete who was once asked to play for the National Handball Team.

National Handball Team

Come on, Alyssa. National Handball Team? Really? That's funny because I was once asked to play for the I-Totally-Made-That-Up National Team. Only the name of my team is more creative than the name of your team. Seriously, I can imagine you trying to come up with a name and all you could think of was your hand. And a ball. And thus the National Handball Team was born. Nice.

Random childhood memories

I really appreciate when my sister's share their childhood memories. Has anyone noticed that our brother's actually have NO MEMORY of (almost) any childhood event? Here's a conversation between me and Sam:

Me: Hey Sam, remember that time...

Sam: No

Side Ponytails

On 80 year-olds

Um, seriously? Shouldn't someone report that to the supervisor. It seems like unstable behavior.

On Me

P1020036 Bringin' sexy back.

The Gym

I Don't Understand

So you're telling me that eating ice cream with hot fudge every night for the last, say, 28 years is why my butt looks like this? Crap.

Alright, already, so I'll join a gym

But explain to me again how that piece of paper is going to shrink my bottom? Wait, what? I have to GO TO the gym? And do what? On the what? Crap. Pass the ice cream.


Dog spit

Look out, world. Dog spit. It's all the rage. Check for it in your local Penzey's or Williams Sonoma soon!

Dog Beating

Down with dog beating!


PaBlanchards said...

I) Subheads are hot because I'm hot. So there you go. I'm also cool. Hot. Cool. Hot. Cool. Dang. Now I have a huge ball of blanket wad between my knees. Because I'm also a cat. A cool cat who's hot.
A)Because I've started a new
a) Top that, Anna!
i) I will not be

II) Clarificaiton: It may appear that I wear spandex. I do not. It is just cotton stretched to the limit. It gets shiny.

III) I agree, Anna. Alyssa could have been a little more creative.
A)But she is pregnant.
1)And not able to think
b) But she did make up
an entire new sport
so she does get
points for that
i) I'd like to see
the rules.
ii) Because I don't
think there are

IV)You will actually need to GO TO the gym
A) But not mine.
B) Because then I won't be able
to like you anymore.
1) Because next to you I AM
the woman with the
tablecloth butt.
2) Icecream with hotfudge is

V) Sexy is as sexy does.
A) And you definitely do sexy.
B) Fo-shizzle!

VI) I'd write more but it's time to go beat the dog.

PaBlanchards said...

OH NO! It took out all the spacing that I worked so hard on. It ruined my new trend! Trust me. IT WAS HOT!

Chi-townRawlins said...

No, no, Deb. That outline is wiggety whack. Seriously. I hereby admit utter defeat in the face of your outline.

PaBlanchards said...

Oh my. I'm a follower. I didn't start the outline trend at all! YOU DID!! I just realized that your comment to my "I Sing Out Loud and Other Interesting Stuff" post was at 11:42 PM, and since we haven't had one of those yet today, I can only assume it was LAST NIGHT. My outline comment was posted at 7:35 THIS MORNING. GAH!

And -- desplaying nothing less than pure creative genius -- you combined letters, Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, spelled out numerals and made-up numerals.

I also applaud your ridiculous show of restraint in not pointing that out to me.

Shock and awe, baby. Shock and awe.

Sara Kilgore said...

Anna, don't mess with the President of both the UMC and B4O, come on! Love the side pony, it's so...DEB (Napoleon Dynamite)! No one rocks the side pony like her. Thanks for bringin' sexy back.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Just a word about the side pony. That picture was taken during Jerry's last trip here. We were up late one night watching Napoleon Dynamite and I was so impressed with the impressiveness of Deb's side pony that I had to rock it myself. I sat there almost the entire length of the movie with a side pony and neither Chase or Jerry noticed it. Afterward we watched various Flight of the Conchord's clips (we've seen all of these by now, right class?) on youtube and STILL they didn't notice. I finally brought it to their attention at which point I think all were decided that side pony's are still hot.

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

Love subheads, I think I may start.

I joined a gym 2 years ago and have probebly gone 6 times. oops. that is why we are in debt.

Nicole said...

OK -- I think I may be in over my head at this point! I am hereby cashing in my chips on the "blog trend" trend. I am a total lightweight in the blogging world and think I may need more time to work up to your levels of creativity.

Guess where I am not a lightweight? In my thighs, that's where. Because tonight -- in celebration of a good workout today -- I ate a Hardees Frisco burger (yum, BTW), fries, a Diet Coke (it was too late for CLE), and half a pint of Ben and Jerry's ONE Cheesecake Brownie (no Pumpkin Cheesecake to be had).

SO glad I avoided the calories in the full sugar Coke, 'cuz that would have catapulted me into lardo-land. Sho 'nuff.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, I will be at the gym until October 4th burning off tonight's dinner.

Alyssa said...

For the record, you jerks, handball is a REAL sport, and an Olympic one at that. Don't be haters.

In other news, your side pony is way hotter than the side pony on my lady at work. She's old, short, frumpy, has gappy teeth, and a nasty, nasty smokers cough/laugh that makes me cringe. Ick.

Deb said...

This picture is in honor you, Anna, for bringing sexy back in a big, big way. And for all side-pony-wearing Deb's. I'm feelin' it! Thanks for the suggestion, Alyssa!

Deb said...

Dang, an extra apostrophe. That ruined everything.

Pooh said...

Deb, I'm just shocked and amazed and nearly in tears over the fact that there's someone else in the family who actually knows AND CARES how to properly use an apostrophe in that situation. I think I'm probably still pretty freakish in that regard, but at least I have you freaking with me :)